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Chinese Ginger Products


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For thousands of years, the ginger root has been revered as a culinary and medicinal wonder. Whether baked in familiar treats like ginger snaps or gingerbread, or used to create the exotic flavors of the orient, there are few who don't enjoy ginger's legendary warmth. A herb, spice, flavor, candy, etc.

While we make no claims, oriental tradition and natural healers have suggested that ginger aids digestion, fights chills and restores the yang. Crystallized ginger has a tradition to treat nausea and motion sickness.

Cubes: Retail packaging in 8oz. plastic bags and 8oz. gift boxes.

Bakers Cut: Retail packaging in 4oz. plastic bags.




Our Ginger Products include crystallized ginger, baker's cut and stem ginger in syrup


In the Jar     Packaging Details


  • We are pleased to offer Champion brand preserved Stem Ginger in Syrup in 9 oz. glass jars; 24 jars to a case.
  • The Stem Ginger is hand cut into round balls (nuts).
  • The young tender roots are used to make the finest quality golden Stem Ginger in syrup.
  • No coloring added.

In addition we offer Stem Ginger Shavings in syrup in bulk packs: five pound tins and 22lbs. drums. These shavings are ideal for commercial use.

For more information visit our "Ordering" page.


ChinRose Crystallized Ginger

  • Cubes suitable for candy snacking or herbal uses.


Chinrose brand Crystallized Ginger Cubes 12 - 20mm      Packaging Details

Item No.


Case Pack


8 oz. Decorative Gift Box



8 oz. Re-sealable Bag



11 lb. Bulk Pack




  • Baker's cut, diced to 3-6 mm specifically for cooking and baking.


Chinrose brand Crystallized Ginger Baker's Cut 3 - 6mm     Packaging Details

Item No.


Case Pack


4 oz. Plastic Bag



11 lb. Bulk Pack


Baker's Cut ideal for baking and cooking and as a snack


Retail Specifications



We offer our crystallized ginger in beautiful Chinese procelain ginger jars


We also offer our beautiful Chinrose Chinese porcelain Hand Painted ginger jars. Available in a wide variety of colors in various sizes. For more information on our jars visit our Ginger Jar Page.

For more information on wholesale orders, visit our Ordering Page.  


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